The Management Team

Maviga : Global food supply. Principle Activity : The origination, origin and supply of dried edible pulses (peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas) and other special crops including sesame seeds, raw cashew nuts and ginger.

The company annually precision grades and ships approximately a quarter of a million tons of bagged or bulk, containerised products from over 25 origins to individual end users and import distributors in more than 65 destination markets around the world.

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The Management Team

Marcus Coles

Title : Managing Director
with Maviga since : 1994

Marcus founded Maviga in 1994, having established a 16 year career in the agri-business sector. From 1978 Marcus was a pulse trader with Bergerco, where he was responsible for opening their Middle East trading operation in Cyprus in 1980. Following Bergerco’s acquisition by ConAgra Foods, Inc. in 1985, Marcus was transferred to San Francisco in 1986 where he became ConAgra’s Vice President of their international Pulse Division.

Mike Quann

Title : Manager, North America
with Maviga since : 1995

Mike joined Maviga in 1995 having worked with ConAgra since 1985, and with Bergerco since 1981. Mike controls Maviga NA Inc’s operations, including a 9 person team of traffic co-ordinators, and trader/originators split across two offices in Spokane, USA and Regina, Canada.

Christian Lude

Title : Manager, Switzerland
with Maviga since : 1998

Christian moved to Maviga in 1998, having previously worked with Bergerco as a junior trader from 1982, and with ConAgra from 1985 as a senior trader in pulses and sesame seed. Christian heads the MSA team based in Switzerland and heads Maviga’s sesame division.

Tom Gao

Title : Manager, China
with Maviga since : 1999

Tom started with Maviga in July 1999 and heads up our Chinese operation.

Anurag Bhargava

Title : Manager, Middle East
with Maviga since : 2007

Anurag joined Maviga in 2007 after a year with Pargan in Lagos to establish our first African procurement operation. Prior to that he spent 7 years with Export Trading Company in their Dar Es Salaam head office. Anurag was promoted to General Manager for Africa and has recently moved to Dubai to set up our new trading division there.

Emma Bradley

Title : Group Shipping Manager
with Maviga since : 2002

Emma joined Maviga in 2002, having worked with Marc Rich & Co AG since 1999, and Derek Raphael & Co since 1987. Emma oversees all shipping operations Worldwide within the Maviga Group.

Sharon Cronje

Title : Manager, South Africa
with Maviga since : 2004

Sharon joined Maviga in February 2004 to head up the recently established RSA office. Sharon was previously with JLR International Services.

Chandra Prakash Kanyal

Title : Manager, Mozambique
with Maviga since : 2009

Kanyal joined Maviga in 2009, after two years with Enkay Indo-Nigerian Industries Limited in Lagos, to strengthen our east African procurement operation as a regional manager in Tanzania. Prior to that he spent 2 years with OSSPL (Group of Emami) in their Rudrapur production unit. Kanyal was promoted to Country Manager for Mozambique and has recently started looking after the East African Operation (Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania) as East Africa Manager.

Ravi Singh

Title : Manager, Tanzania
with Maviga since : 2011

Ravi joined Maviga in 2011 in Mozambique as an accountant, after a year he extended his work to include shipping. In 2014 Ravi moved to Tanzania (Maviga East Africa Ltd) as Operations Manager and in 2016 was promoted to Country Manager for Tanzania. Prior to working with Maviga, Ravi spent 1 year with Alps Industries Ltd in Uttarakhand, India as an Account Manager.

Jack Bean

Title : Chief Legume Officer
with Maviga since : 2011

Jack is a highly respected Legumeologist and is Editor-in-chief of the fictional newspaper ‘The Healthier Pulse’. Through the mediums of cartoon and creative writing, Jack promotes the wider consumption of pulses worldwide. Within his cartoons, Jack acts as a factfinder, ambassador, trouble-shooter and spokesman for Maviga. Jack previously worked for Benjamin Tabart & Co.

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Maviga Europe Limited,
Company Registration No: 03345650,
Registered in England and Wales.
Maviga Europe Ltd registered address is 3 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9SG

Maviga Europe Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of ED&F Man Holdings Limited,
Company Registration number 03909548,
Registered in England and Wales.

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